5 Questions to Ask Roofing Contractors When Hiring

No matter the type of roofing you’re considering to install on your home, understand that a new roofing system is one of the major investments you’ll ever make. You’ll spend some money buying the roofing materials and also spend more for the skilled labor involved in installing it. It’s, therefore, very crucial that you choose the right professional company that will do a good job and protect your investment. Remember, if you hire someone who will end up doing a poor job, you’ll have no option than live with roof leaks and costly repairs in the future. Here are some of the questions to ask a roofer before hiring.


What is the full name of your company? Do you have a Physical Address?

Whether the company has been referred to you by one of your friends or you just found it by yourself, start by asking the contractor’s full name and physical address. Let them give you detailed information about their physical address and how you can even arrive at their premises. Walk away from any company that only uses a Post Office Box.


Do you have a License and Insurance?

Ask the roofing contractor to provide you with their registration documents as well as a compensation and liability insurance. Working with a company that has insurance means you’ll be protected in case of an accident. If you hire a company that doesn’t have insurance you’re most likely to cover all the costs associated with an accident yourself.


Do you accomplish the Project yourself or you hire roofing subcontractors?

It’s important that you work with a roofing contractor that doesn’t use subcontractors in any part of the job. They should be able to perform the work with their own employees. However, if they’ll need to use a subcontractor, make sure whoever they are working with is insured.


Do you offer Warranty?

This is very important. Let them provide you with detailed information on how they guarantee their work. In most cases, a roofing warranty will last for about one year. However, some roofing contractors may offer their warranty for a longer duration. The roofing company usually covers the roofing work while the roofing materials are covered by the manufacturer.


Can you provide homeowner references?

It’s important that you see the quality of work the roofing contractor provides. This will help you know what to expect with your project. Let them give you a list of not less than three references. Go ahead and check how the previous customers feel about the roofing job done by the company.